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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…. It’s me. I already know, it’s me.

I’ve seen a lot of body image talk lately, like it’s unhealthy to body shame yourself in front of others, especially impressionable beings such as children, and how we need to stop complimenting each other with, “don’t worry guys like it that way” because that’s objectifying yourself, or you should love yourself but don’t let anyone know or they will think you are vain, and, Meghan Trainor – good or bad? and so on.

First of all, the only people you should reveal what you think are flaws about yourself are your best friend and your boyfriend (if you have one) and even then, only to discuss fitness plans or if you are fishing for compliments. Shallow? Yes. Feels Good? Yes. Like chocolate for your ears.

Second of all, what’s the point of worrying how you look if not for the opposite sex? Not to say that it’s what you should be thinking about, but if you are picking at your reflection because you don’t feel pretty this compliment is completely valid because that is what you are worrying about. Change why you are worried about your looks and that will change the type of response you get. Let’s say you are worried about not being healthy. That is a perfectly good reason to be concerned about weight, diet, etc. that has nothing to do with being eye candy. If you are worried about how you look for impression purposes, that can be approached from a style perspective and not even be a body issue at all!

Third of all, everyone who is happy with themselves should express it freely and happily. Saying, I am great! Is healthy, fun, and uplifting and I do it all the time. The trick is, to love yourself AND other people and no one will think poorly of you for doing so.

As for Meghan Trainor, her song pokes fun at skinny girls for a moment, but immediately says she’s joking because she knows skinny girls think they are, in fact, fat but she is here to tell everyone, of every shape, that they are all beautiful from the bottom to the top. As for boys liking a little more booty to hold, this is is only to point out that you shouldn’t worry about your size for a boy’s sake, because that is not even an issue. As for the barbie doll comment, she is simply refusing to conform to society’s impossible standards – skinny, angled, tall, round boobs and butts, fair haired and skinned – not all skinny women. it’s about not worrying about your size, whatever size that may be.Word to your mother.

Here is something that people tend to forget, or maybe even not know. The flat, anorexic models on the runway or in magazines are actually plain in the face, too; it’s because they are the living mannequins for fashion designers’ art, not actually a beauty standard. The goal is to not notice the girl at all and only the clothes.

Whatever size you are, whatever emotions you are going through due to the pressures around you that seem directed towards the way you look, I want to share with you my steps to successfully loving yourself and being happy. I want you to be happy!

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