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How I figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Not really. I still don’t know. But I have had many introspective, philosophical contemplations that have gotten me closer and closer to knowing. Here is a list of questions I asked myself that I think you should ask yourself too.

Q: What do I want to do to make money? 

A: Artsy, craftsy stuff. FOR sure. I want to be creative and work with my hands! I also really want to interact with people, and spend a lot of time thinking and problem solving. I also want to invest. – This and the very last question got me thinking very hard about what I want to do for money vs what I do for fun. I have come to the conclusion that there is only one thing I enjoy doing more than I enjoy having the end product, and that is doodling. I’ve considered this before, but the idea and motivation bud seems to finally be blooming. I was reading this article that inspired me.  

They say that if you love your job you will never work a day in your life. That sounds great! Sign me up. So, think about your basic skills that you really enjoy utilizing. That is what you need to focus on when answering this question. A lot of people want to work from home or own their own their own business. Take into account your ability to work alone, stay focused, and lead others when deciding this. I honestly am not good at working independently and staying focused, which is why I work at a company and not as my own boss.

I have actually been reading the blog for financial advice. It has been very helpful. Talk to your bank and family members about investment opportunities as well. You might be surprised what advice they have to offer.

Q: What do I want to to do to SAVE money? 

A: I want to make things instead of buy them, and I want to invest in energy efficient upgrades in my home. I want to start saving at least 5 dollars every week, and plan ahead for things so social events and emergencies do not surprise-attack my wallet. 

This is a severely neglected aspect of my life. I am not good at it at all. It is a very difficult thing to do, but the concept is simple. Stop. Spending. Money.

my favorite Quote:

“You are not saving money if you are still spending money.”

– Debby Downer

As a crafter, I am able to make a lot of things that I want, from clothes to furniture to wall art. I don’t have to spend money on these things, but I do because I am lazy. It’s an obvious solution: Get up and go make it! Stay out of the store!

I also suggest using apps like Mint Bills and Personal Capital to track your spending and plan for the future. They have been very helpful for me personally. Also, see what services your bank offers. Mine has a bill pay service where you can pay all your bills through your bank, see them all at once, and no fees!

Q: Do I want to do one thing or multiple or 2 main things? If I want to do only one thing, is it what I am doing now?  

A: I really do like what I am doing now, although it is not everything I wish to be doing. I think as long as I am doing this, I want to do multiple things. Maybe someday I will just do this and one other thing, but for now I am just going to go all out and make all sorts of stuff, sell it everywhere, dream about owning a lounge or store… 

If you do more than one thing, it can be exhausting. Ideally, you want to be doing one thing that incorporates most of what you love to do and doing the rest as hobbies. Sometimes, that is just not possible. this is where you have to compromise and do a job that is not your everything, and fulfill yourself outside work… which is also exhausting. Finding the right balance between work and play is crucial.

Q: Do I like where I work? What I do? 

A: I LOVE where I work! I love the people, I love what I do, I love the location and the opportunities and so on. I want to grow in this company, no doubt… at least no more doubt for now. 

If you like where you work but not what you do, you might be able to find another position in the company. If you don’t like where you work but you love what you do, look into finding another company. If you don’t like where you work OR what you do, find another opportunity, fast!

Q: Where do I want to live? What do I want to do at home?

A: I want to live no more than 30 minutes from work, I want to live in a tropical, modern, cozy home that feels right – not touristy; I want to spend most of my spare time there, with people.

This answer should affect all the other answers. Where you call home is where you will work, it determines what kind of opportunities you have, whatever you decide here, it will define your options for the other questions.

Q: How can I do what I like most cost effectively and the least stressful way? 

A: Stay in love with my job and keep a loose schedule that incorporates everything on my list, and wake up early even on weekends.  

There are many ways to answer this. For me, it is about not feeling like I am wasting time at work when I could be following a different path. I am so scattered that it is a task just to remember that my job is not a job but a learning experience, and a great opportunity to actually do something I love. I don’t have the single-mindedness to make it on my own… yet. I need a larger company to guide me until I have the skills and the drive to bring a company of my own to life.

Q: What kind of schedule do I want to have? 

A: I want a predictable schedule, that changes easily but then changes back easily too. A relaxed schedule that let’s me do what I am inspired to do and also helps me get things I have to do done.

Maybe you want a hectic schedule that gets a lot of things done quickly. Maybe you need ridged structure to your day or you won’t get anything done. Maybe you want to wake up late, eat a huge breakfast and go to work in the afternoon or even online. What kind of schedule you can have let alone want is affected by how you answer all the other questions.

Q: I want to go to school. Can I? How? 

A: I can, most likely online. I need to find structured classes though because I cannot motivate myself to study. I am too easily distracted. Maybe when I turn 24 I will go back to actual campus college. Maybe. I’m really comfortable with this life I have right now though so I don’t know. 

You may not want to go to school. That’s cool. I know I want to at least take classes offered in the area. It is always entertaining and refreshing to learn new things. But not every one can learn the same way, or have the same amount of time to dedicate to learning, so you have to decide is school the number one thing and everything fits in round it, or are you going to fit learning into your life here and there around the rest of your filled up life.

Q: What do I want to do with my spare time? 

A: I want to blog about my experiences, do arts and crafts and DIY home improvement, spend time with my friends, family, man and dogs, maintain a garden, entertain guests, play games, go to movies, cook/bake, read books and talk about them, watch tv shows, model for fun, exercise and do yoga and pilates, go longboarding, attend local events, drink…

For me, this question goes back to what do you want to do to to MAKE money. You have to separate what you like to do for yourself and what you want to do for other people. It is hard when you are a DIY enthusiast, a crafter, a painter, a dabbler in artisanal trades. Separating what you want to make money off of and what you just want to do for yourself is an important step to sanity and success. It is overwhelming, but once you define what you want to do and why (money, saving, learning, fun), it provides structure to your life and relieves a lot of stress caused by scattered interests and directionless activities.

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