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As you may have seen in my last Instagram post, I have a redecorated the porch! I still want to try and take photos in more places, but as a fallback and for miscellaneous backdrops this is my new and improved photo booth. Now, some of you may be wondering, how the heck did I put these things together in a rented space. So, I thought I would share some tips and tricks to decorating a tiny, tiny, tiny space temporarily.




First of all, I used existing holes on my door from the unfinished job they did when switching out the number sign. Some Little hooks and I have a lot of options!




I really lucked out when I found this faux turf, and I kind of got carried away… just putting it where ever it fit.

It also helps since this area has warped boards and water pools in them, so now I don’t have to worry about nearly as many puddles to step in, or invite mosquitoes to breed! ;D

I put a bunch of these decorative found rocks every where to create visual texture, and because I want to paint them, but I haven’t decided how yet.

Fun fact: you can get cute plants from around your neighborhood or parks; just grab a fist full of roots and transplant them to a pot. Just put on some black clothes, sneak out at night, and just – nah I’m just kidding, I have these plants from friends… still by the same method, but with permission, I swear.





This is one of my more creative solutions.

  • I salvaged all parts you see here from a falling apart rolling kitchen island.
  • the top cutting board piece was sanded and sprayed with water protectant.
  • the bar you see was part of the pull out, prop-up counter space extension.
  • the metal components came from the island as well!
  • The hinge is perfect, allowing me to lower the shelf when ever I need more space to get into my storage bench!

All the items on top are thrifted. Also, I think it’s clear here, I need more plants.









I keep the chalk in the bench, so you don’t need to see it. This sign is actually something I don’t know what it is but I panted it with latex paint and used chalk to write welcome and it worked so yeah.

I have matching planters with matching plants, which I did on purpose. Surprise.

as for that fabric, it is actually a canvas curtain folded to just the right size. I have considered getting pillows and a real outdoor cushion, but I will let fate bring them to me.

I keep a lot of things in that bench. it’s so freaking useful.




This is the most creative solution I have here.

I weighed my options and chose a vinyl lattice from the store, for a few reasons. There were no pre-used lattice in the area, and vinyl is very flexible so it fit best in my car. The white color also brightens up this dark corner.

To hang this, I screwed in 2 large hooks into the wooden corners of my parch area. I aimed to keep them subtle and out of the way.

After that, using some extra metal curtain rings, I attached the lattice to the hooks.

And, as you can see, I also hung some fake plastic vine plants from them as well – I found these thrifting and twist tied them together to make 1 long piece.

It is actually very sturdy, but I did not want to push my luck, so I added a bar to hang anything I wanted from it.

Here’s the tea on that:

I had this really cheep bathroom rod that was getting rusty in the bathroom. Like, what the heck? I felt betrayed. It was advertised specifically for the bathroom. Don’t you just hate that? Items meant for high humidity areas should be made to withstand the effects. Bathroom accessories are important to judge carefully.  But, I found a way to use it regardless of the rust!



Perfect example of hanging things from the rod, I used another curtain ring to hang my DIY tea cup macrame piece.

I made this out of an acrylic bangle, hemp cording, and part of a Chinese tea set. If you look closely, you can see that it is NOT GOOD. But, form afar, it looks fine, and that is all that matters.

Another fun fact, I have Citronella tea candles in the mini cups to keep away mosquitoes, the devils of the swamp in which I live. Hooray!


And there you have it. All of the porch’s secrets. I hope you found something useful, and always remember: you can make something out of anything!

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