DIY Interior Decor jewelry storage

Creative Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can be tricky. There is so much pressure to make it pretty, often times it can be expensive buying things to store your other things, and there is the whole, “will it fit?” challenge.

Out of impatience and convenience, I like to re-purpose items for storage as often as possible. If you already have it, why not make it useful? Bonus, it looks creative and unique!

Here are a few re-purposed items that I use to organize my closet.

Closet doors + industrial hooks = necklace organizer

Plastic grid sheet + pin = stud earring holder

Mirror = obvious but also good to hold pictures and for writting notes with dry erase markers

Framed Fruit = decor

CD rack = hook earring display

Old stand up jewelry box – more like a cabinet? = chain and chunky bracelets, big rings, and accents without bases organization and hiding

A little candle and bubble bottle that looks like champagne = decor

A tray that says hello gorgeous = regular ring display

Dollar store floral drawers = pedestal and misc hide-away storage

Old craft bracelet bar = bracelet display (kind of obvious, but you know, whatever.)

Glass jar = stretch bracelet storage

Actual jewelry box = random jewelry storage (easy to hide messes in!)

Bathroom rack + nail = bracelet and miscellaneous catch all

Blanket hanger/closet bar = scarf racks

2 cabinet hanging hooks + 2 wood pants hangers = belt rack

Over all, it feels like a boutique in here and I love it!

I hope these have inspired you to see the things around you in a new light!

Remember, you can make something out of anything.

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