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Farmhouse Kitchen Bracelet

Ever since finding these chicken beads, I have been obsessed with finding a way to use them… classy. much to my joy, I have recently noticed blue willow china EVERYWHERE – including beads! I started a Pinterest board with this inspiration, with the very first pin ending up being my absolute favorite! The idea was sparked, and I was off to the flea market to find the perfect combo. I found exactly what I was looking for – white and blue ceramic beads that resembled blue china, as well as pearlized beads shaped like eggs. these went perfectly with the wire wrap ball beads (which resemble nests/baskets to me), rose gold cow bell charms, and rose clay beads I already had in my stash.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Paint the clay roses the color you desire. I chose red to accentuate the red in the chicken bead. In retrospect, I would have been just as happy with this piece if  I had left the roses green and white, but I wanted to paint them, gosh darn it!

Step 2

Line up the pieces up in a repetitive order, organizing them in a way that will get a full pattern and the right length. this will usually take a few tries.

Step 3

Measure elastic mono-filament to be 4 inches longer than your bracelet pattern, then double it. I used elastic floss for this, since it is easy to thread doubled up strands into 1 bead, with or without a threading tool.


Step 4

Thread the mono-filament through the first 2 ceramic beads and cow bells.

20180919_225816_HDR (1)

Step 5

A threader can be helpful when threading doubled up filament through a small bead, like the egg bead. I used needle nosed pliers to widen the threader so the filament could fit through.

Step 6

Once threaded, thread each end of the cord one at a time through the wire wrap ball bead. I found that it is just easier to get them through the same hole when threading 1 at a time instead of both at the same time. Then, push egg bead inside wire wrap ball bead, nice and cozy!

Step 7

Thread both ends through the bottom of a chicken bead. Since it is a specialty ceramic bead, you may need that threader here too as these can often have imperfect holes.

Step 8

Thread both ends of filament through flower bead, then each end through another bell charm and ceramic bead.


Step 9

Repeat pattern 2 more times and pull tight to cluster beads closely together.


Step 10

Tie an excessive knot – this is a heavy bracelet, so a huge knot is needed for sturdiness! I did a few over hand knots on top of each other, and then a few more around the stack of knots. No such thing as over kill when it comes to elastic knots!

Step 11

Enjoy your French kitchen bracelet!


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