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Tassel Cascade Earrings

If you know me, you know I love giant earrings. they are hilarious and fun! I am obsessed. So it’s no wonder that I have had this project laying around waiting to get done. This earring can be done with any top bead, and any tassel color, and can be bohemian, tropical, festive, or anything you want. It’s all about color and bead choice!

Let’s get started.

I happened to have accumulated the below pile of tassels and crystal beads, which inspired me to make this in the first place.

Step 1

Arrange Tassels in the order desired. I am going to refer to the tassels by numeric order from here on out, stating at #1 at the top, and going down and from left to right.


Step 2

Prepare needle and and thread by taking approximately 20 inches and knotting 1 end. I used a doubled up thread at first, but decided that it was not really necessary. then, thread it up into tassel 1 and a little off to the side. (technically, the next step is to create a connector out of the top bead and then attach it to the fishhook earring, but that I have faith in you that you can figure that part out!) I would suggest using the same color thread as your tassels, but for the sake of this tutorial and because why not, I am using a bright, visible green! It goes with the color scheme any way – neon rainbow!

Step 3

Catch the knot on the needle for ultimate security.


Step 4

Pull thread tight and then thread through the top of the tassel 2, then back up through tassel 1, similarly to step 2, more towards the opposite side of the first knot.


Step 5

Pull thread through just enough until top of tassel 2 is submerged in tassel 1.


Step 6

Tie a knot!

Step 7

After pulling the knot tight, thread the needle back down through tassel 1, through tassel 3, and back up through tassel 1.

Step 8

Tie another knot, and cut off the excess.

Step 9

Link together the jump rings of tassels 2 and 3. This will keep them aligned.

Step 10

Repeat steps 2 through 6, substituting tassel 1 with tassel 2, and tassels 2 and 3 with tassels 4 and 5.

Step 11

Instead of threading the needle back up into tassel 2, thread it up into tassel 3 and make another knot.

Step 12

Treat this last tassel the same as tassel 2 to tassel 1 and make a knot, cutting off the excess.

Step 13

Connect all the jump rings. Note as you connect them that you are centering them in the middle of the above tassel fringe.

Step 14

Repeat steps 2 through 6, substituting tassel 1 with tassel 7, and tassels 2 and 3 with tassels 7 and 8. Continue as you had with step 12 for tassel 9, without cutting the excess.


Step 15

Connect tassel 5 and 6, tie a knot,then connect tassel 10 to tassel 6. tie a knot and cut off the excess.

Step 16

Connect all jump rings!

Step 17

Following the pattern you’ve learned, sew the last row into the previous one, connect all the jump rings when done, and connect tassel pyramid to earring drop. Now you are all set to do the other earring! Note, use the pliers to pull out the tassel strands where ever they seem to be clumped or caught. Shake out the tassels when done, and smooth them over with your hand or a bristle brush.



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