Home Sweet Home

The process of starting over in a new place has some key steps.

  1. Find a place to stay for a while
  2. Find a mode of transportation
  3. Find a job
  4. Find a better mode of transportation
  5. Find a place to live

Step one, as you already know, we had covered since we were staying with Diego’s childhood friends. For step two, we were lucky enough that our hosts had a winter car to lend us while we worked on step three. Otherwise, we would have relied on public transportation, which is quite nice here really, so not a terrible back up plan.

Step three was actually really easy – every other establishment you pass out here is hiring. Diego was able to get a job where his friend works, and I was able to find something through a recruiting agency. On top of that, they are really close together! It’s freaking amazing.

Now. Step four. We needed to find our own car. Ideally inexpensive but also through a loan so that credit is built.

The trouble with filing for bankruptcy is that no matter your income, companies don’t want anything to do with you for quite some time. Which is silly, if you think about it, because now that you have no debt and are barred from filing again for while, you are the perfect candidate to borrow and be forced to pay it back. Your whole paycheck is up for grabs, no one else competing for it. But they are snooty like that.

Fortunately, I was the only one who filed, so Hubby was clean. Between the 2 of us though we did not have very attractive credit.

How we found our new car was actually kind of serendipitous. One day we were driving home and I heard a commercial for 500 dollars down and you drive away with a new used car! I looked at him, knowing he probably wasn’t listening to this and that he was probably not in the mood to be spontaneous. I asked anyway. “You want to go check that out?”


“That commercial just said, all credit accepted, just 500 dollars down and you can get a car.”

“Oh… yeah sure, why not? Where is it?”

I was pleasantly surprised. I knew it said it was close, so I looked it up and we just… went. Out of the blue. Off the advice of a radio commercial. Onward to our destiny! Radio is not dead!

We literally found a car that day, and drove away with it the next weekend. It. was. magical.

The last step was all that was missing. I was so set on living in a pretty apartment. I was so ready to not have to update anything, have nice amenities for once, have room to invite people over and be proud of my space, the works. I was BLIND.

Apartment complexes are as snooty as banks, apparently. I came back to earth and realized that our new place had to meet a few key requirements.

  1. Be individually owned so we could have a shot at a relationship with the landlord – they are way more understanding of credit situations
  2. Have a yard for the dogs. Why not? It’s an option in a private property
  3. Be close to our places of work to save on time and gas
  4. Be somewhere nice. I just want feel safe and inspired, is that so much to ask for?
  5. It had to be beautiful or it had to be customizable

I am elated to say we ended up in Down Town St. Pete Salt Lake! Haha, Diego hates St. Pete (for no real reason), and I always wanted to live there. It is so creative and vibrant! So now we are about to live in a Utah version of St. Pete. I always get what I want ;D

Here’s the thing, though. I was still not off that high of possibly getting a place that is all done and buttoned up and beautiful, so the fifth requirement I was not fully prepared for. We found a special place that checked all five things, but not in the way my heart wanted. It was customizable: aka, a lot of work to nest in.

Oh yes. I am a nester. I collect and arrange, and sink myself deep inside my nest, molding it around me just how I want it. Diego has accepted his place as a part of that.

This place will be fun to update, to work with our landlord to perfect, to make Vlogs in. But it will be a lot of work. Something I did not even realize I wasn’t ready to be enthusiastic about.

Because of this, when I signed the papers and turned around, my heart sank into my stomach. I looked at all the things that I knew I would be fixing, and I started to panic. Was I rushing? Was this place worth it? DIEGO WHY DID YOU LET US SIGN FOR THIS PLACE? It was all on me though. He would have been fine waiting. He liked it, but wasn’t in love. the blinders were off and I could see the full scope of what we had got ourselves into.

I am so close to being excited about it.

I know I can make something out of this!

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