Jewelry: Wearable Sarcasm = Art, AKA Toilet Paper Earrings

I saw someone interested in making these, so I thought, why not? It certainly falls in line with my personal enjoyment of calling out the ridiculousness of society!

What you will need:

Glue – I used Hot, because it is so easy and fast.

roll base – I used an actual toilet paper roll, for authenticity.

Cutting utensils – I have some scissors, and some wire cutters not depicted.

about 1/2 Tablespoon of Seed Beads – I used some off-white 11/0 inexpensive seed beads that I had lying around, though I would suggest using higher end pure white ones with uniform sizing for a more pristine look, like the inspirational image.

Earring Base – I have sooooo many fishhooks, I opted for those. simple posts with a hoop are also an option.

Needle – whatever needle fits through your seed beads – there are beading needles, but any thin needle will do. Non-beading needles will be easier to use with a threader.

3 feet of Thread – White beading thread is perfect, since, well, it’s white, but also, doesn’t fray, which makes beading less frustrating.

Wire – I used random left over wire, about 24 gauge, though the original picture looks to be about 16 gauge. I got creative here, as you can see later on.

With that, let’s get started!

Step 1

I used the Peyote Stitch, a bit haphazardly, to make these varying sized beads work. I chose to work with rows of 6 beads. Knot the first bead and follow the below weaving diagram. I also added a dot of glue on the knot of the first bead to keep it secure.

Option 1 – Bead a long enough flap to wrap around the roll base in Step 2 at least 4 times for a fancy effect. This is better with the uniform sized beads. You will likely need a table spoon of seed beads, and it is better to test wrap it to see if it is the size you are going for.

Or, Option 2 – (what I did) – create a flap just big enough to cover the toilet paper roll created in step 2 Option 2. This means the flap will not be done truly until after Step 2.

Step 2

Cut the paper roll down the side to open it up.

Then, cut the width you want, a little bit skinnier than the width of the desired Toilet paper roll.

Wrap it around a pencil to get the curve started, and hand twist it a bit to make the size you want.

Option 1 – Cut the strip short and wrap around just enough to have some area to glue down like so:

Or, Option 2 – (what I did) – wrap it up all the way around to create thickness for the roll, save on bead usage, and lower the over-all weight of the earring. This could be made even more designer by painting the sides white to match your beads.


Glue one end of the flap of beads to the paper roll base. Wrap around, adding 2 to 3 dots of glue to attach the flap all the way around the roll. Leave the desired amount of hanging paper at the end.


The wire hanging is very versatile in methods and style of making. The inspiration image could be made with a ring mandrel and round needle nose pliers, but I chose to go with the silver wire I already had.

to give it some weight, fold the wire and twist it , about 2 to 3 inches long.

Thread it through the toilet paper roll, and twist the ends about half an inch down.

Cut the excess wire, and use some round nose pliers to create a loop at the end.

At this point, if you wanted to use a post with a loop instead of a fishhook, you would want to make the loop match the same direction as the roll hole – that way it will hang in the most desirable direction when you attache it to the post’s loop with a jump ring.

However, since we are using a fishhook, the wire loop should be perpendicular to the roll hole, as depicted. Then all you need to do is attach the earring hook facing the back of the roll.

Duplicate it and Voila! You have your very own 2020 commemorative Toilet paper roll earring set.

I find this to be truly artistic in the sense that they are commentary on the perception of value.

Jewelry usually is constructed of or imitates precious materials, and as times change we shift our perception of precious. It is pretty insane and comically ironic that things we take for granted becoming suddenly valuable. As society rips apart, previously considered valuable materials are reevaluated for their usefulness, rather than monetary worth.

These could also be considered a sarcastic call out of those whose panic induced selfishness caused them to create an unnecessary new valuable material by hoarding something that is not expensive but needed for the most basic of comforts in our society.

However you look at it, it is a calm way to throw humor into a stressful situation, diffusing some of the edge we are all experiencing. I hope this helps anyone who needs something to laugh at, and inspires you to get creative with making your own silver lining to this storm cloud.

Remember, you can make something out of anything!

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