DI(F)Y Services

Why DIY when you could have us DIFY?

General “Do It For You” Creative Services

I have a variety of experiences that have given me a variety of skills that I can assist others with. I am available for free advice, affordable consultations, organizational projects, skilled labor, and any kind of creative project you have in mind!

for example: painting walls, rearranging furniture, painting murals, sewing beads and buttons, Halloween costumes, fashion jewelry, table staining, chair re-upholstering, dog collars, embellished frames, kids furniture, gallery wall designing, closet revamping… If you can find it on Pinterest, I’ve probably already made it!

If you need some ideas, here are some specific crafty services that I already have a rough pricing outline for!

Custom Illustrations

I have a recognizable art style that I can draw anything in. Portraits, objects, custom characters, fan art, etc. Options are as follows:

– 1 subject on approximately 9x12in paper, black and white, pens and markers = $20

— 1 subject on approximately 9x12in paper, full color, pens, markers, paint = $45

– I can do smaller sizes for less, and larger sizes for more, on paper or canvas, and it is always flexible depending on complexity and time frame. Speaking of frames, ask me about them when you get a quote!

Accessories Galore

Jewelry is my livelihood. Literally. I work for a jewelry company full time. It is an absolute delight to stare at shiny things all day, and staying in tune with the fashion, gift, and craft industries. I make all sorts of accessories, from necklaces to hats to embellished sunglasses and shoes, to belts, to dog collars to statement earrings. Anything goes!

Generally, costing goes like this:

Necklaces are usually between 30 and 60 dollars

Earrings are between 15 and 30 dollars

Bracelets are between 20 and 40 dollars

Head pieces are between 60 and 150 dollars

Embellished accessories are between 20 and 150 dollars

These are just typical for the level of work I usually put in, but of course, depending on labor, number of materials, and complexity, the prices can go up or down.

BFFs – Bag Friends Forever

Do you have a beloved stuffed animal that you would like to keep but have no place for in your adult life? Do you have a special little someone who wants to take their favorite animal every where, or just likes a certain type of animal? Then get excited because I have the solution! Have your fluffy friend turned into a bag! Big Friends can be turned into travel bags that double as pillows, small Friends can be turned into coin purses. No matter the size, the possibilities are endless! Message me with inquiries on any social media platform. Coin purses are around 15 dollars, Cross bodies are around 25 to 35 dollars, back packs and hobo bags are around 45 to 60 dollars. I can make luggage size bags from giant friends also for around 100 dollars. 

Painted Personals

I have a lot of experience with custom paint jobs. I love painting skateboards in particular, but I paint on any surface. I prefer to use upcycled paint, which is usually a blend of interior and exterior wall paint. It is super durable. I paint on any surface – walls, skateboards, pillows, jackets, shoes, rocks, you name it. I am pretty handy with power tools as well – I crafted those chairs out of regular bar stools and fabric. Message me with inquiries on any social media platform. Painted personal items have a rough outline for pricing:

Depending on necessary prep work, this step can range from 0 to 30. Wood items need more prep, so they are closer to 30 (more if item is very large). Fabric not so much, so that’s usually 0. Good news is that I can walk you through however much prep you want to do on your own and that will cut down cost!

actual labor and design work are a combination of size, complication, and deadline.

Smaller works = lower cost

Complicated pieces = higher cost

longer deadline = lower cost

Message me with inquiries on any social media platform.

Goodwill Hunting

I love to hunt through thrift shops and garage sales. I am willing to hunt for any type of item or supplies that you want but don’t have time to look for. I offer this at at a reasonable price.

$50 per Saturday spent all day looking.

Cost of items plus 20%

Message me with inquiries on any social media platform.

Treasure Trader

I am always looking for more supplies for the shoppe, so feel free to message me about your stash on any social media platform. I’ll take a look to see if it would fit into my inventory!

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