About Burkatic

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bur-kat-ic (adj.) :

Having the nature of, like, or pertaining to a strong willed expression of self.


I love to make things. I love to experiment, figure out diy solutions to things, and just that satisfying feeling of, LOOK WHAT I MADE! I am unafraid of making messes, and I encourage others to feel that freedom too. 

I also love when other people make things. It gives the item character. These sorts of things are beautiful and my personal preference over mass produced items. I like items that have a story, that have love in them. Along those same lines I value items that other people lose interest or use for. I can make something out of anything. It’s kind of my motto.

On top of all that, I love style. Fashion and interior design are just live-inable art that expresses you! I love to find and make things that improve one’s visual and textile experience in this world. It’s fun and satisfying.

My main resources are thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets for a few reasons. The thrilling mystery of what you could find is the biggest, for sure, with price being an obvious close second!

It’s exciting! You never know what you’re going to find, and that’s perfect for how I like to design. Salvaging and re-purposing things to find design is a whole other level of challenging. It’s like a puzzle no one asked you to put together. It’s great! This is my art style. Collecting and re-imagining. Because of this, each piece is unique, and overtime, an overall Style comes together in a beautiful, unpredictable, yet seemingly fateful way.

garage sale

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Another reason why I like to create this way is that your money is going back into your community – you’re literally giving it directly to another community member. It’s not being shipped immediately overseas, it’s not being routed through a huge international corporation. It’s a great way to give back and invest in your area. This rings true for buying used items, items by your local artisans, and even reproduced items at your local shops and boutiques.

closeup photo black door yes we are open signage

Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

Lastly, It’s also a wonderful way to keep things out of landfills. Keep the life cycle of these items going, give them new uses, and reduce their overall impact on the environment. I’ve always had a hard time throwing things away, because I always imagine needing it in like 6 months. And as soon as I got rid of it, guess what? I did find a use for it. I think people get rid of things too easily. I don’t like when things are designed specifically to only last for a short while, for maybe a one-time immediate use or planned obsolescence. At the very least, I would try to reuse something as many times as I can before giving it up. I truly believe that everything can be used continuously, and that raw materials don’t need to be the only source for new things.

two gray kettles on table

Photo by Melanie Oliver on Pexels.com

All these reasons pushed me towards starting Burkatic. I want to share my love of making! I want to bring you on my creative journey and together we can make something out of anything!

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