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One of the things that hold me back in life is that I often get very caught up in analysis paralysis. I over analyze everything, examining every approach, thinking about every outcome,  to the point that I never get started. I took some time to get away from that in the past and jumped in blindly to many situations, some ending up not being good decisions, others landing me with new friends and memories, but all of them leaving me with excellent life lessons. I did not cure myself of through this, but I am able to work past the paralyzation with more wisdom than flinging myself into uncharted territory!

Recently, my most serious paralysis was starting Burkatic. I feel like it was taking me way too long to get this ball rolling, because I knew I was ready. I have thought about every angle, every path, every possible series of choices that would take me to any one of my desired outcomes, and while I know it is impossible to predict everything, I finally know what direction my first step needs to be in. So, without further ado, I give you my Burkatic Strategy!

1. Update social media as often as I can, and using each platform in a slightly different way.

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  • The Blog here will be posts on projects, ideas, adventures, spotlights on trends, behind the scenes content… basically the hub, as it should be.
  • Twitter is where you can stay in tune with what I am seeing happening in the fields of interior design and fashion, as well as what is happening locally and in Burkatic’s activity and goals. this will be for everything, I like to say.
  •  Instagram is where you can find daily inspiration in my personal style and design, often showcasing items for sale.
  • Facebook will be for mostly local event updates, blog post updates, and my best content of the week.
  • Pinterest is where you can find my personal collections of inspiration, as well as pinable posts of my projects and items for sale!
  • Youtube will be for sharing more elaborate DIY projects I work on, adventures as they happen, mystery makes, interviews with other makers, and eventually crafty skits.


2. When my inventory starts to get bigger, I will start participating in local markets! I can’t wait, I love people and setting up displays and talking about crafts and fashion! What you can expect from Burkatic will be primarily rescued items, with just a few customized pieces, since my main products are style and knowledge. 

3. the ultimate goal is to open a Boutique that sells only ethically sourced product that gives back to the community. I have a big plan for that, but that is much further down the line. right now, grassroots connections and wealth sharing is what I am about, in order to grow and take others with me. 

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I really hope you find joy and help from what I am about to create here, and look forward to joining and creating many communities along the way!

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