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My First Video

As I sit here, thinking about all the things I want to do and share and make, I see a pattern that will work nicely now that my channel is official. Every Sunday morning a video will be scheduled to post in the late morning, and every Wednesday a supplemental blog will be scheduled Wednesday afternoon.

This is the first supplemental post.

So historical.

Let’s break down that video, shall we?

The voice in the intro that says “Just get rid of it” is my husband’s. I joke later that I will have less struggle convincing him to let me keep things now that I have this outlet, but all in all he is very supportive. I do have to justify my collections to him at times, but he is pretty easy to win over. Or push over. I haven’t figured out which one it is yet.

I love taking pictures when he is not paying attention.

Also, it really is true, I am really proud of my made up word, and I plan to go far with it.

I have been drawing and crafting my whole life, and my craft space has evolved so many times. I do have a dream of what it will look like someday, but this area will just have to do. I will be posting a video soon about my upgrades and future plans, so stay tuned!

As an avid pinner on Pinterest, all my inspiration is available to be shared. you can follow my design dream inspo if you follow me there.

My style could be described as Saturated Eclectic. I like vibrant color and lots of visual texture. Definitely not going to see me in a lot of pale tans and muted pastels!

This is me, at work, at my desk.

Thrifting. Is. Life. I love it, I talk a lot about why in the video but wouldn’t you know it, I had to edit that section down! I could go on and on. I am not against buying new items, but I definitely would check for rescued treasures first.

I swear the quality will get better. I am technologically pre-disposed, but I am not a techie and I don’t like most of that stuff. It’s a chore – not fun. But what is that saying? Nothing worthwhile is easy?

Sneak peek: Next Episode will be about the frames, where to find materials, and my obsession with jars.

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