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Wear that Hot Cocoa

Look at this pile. What do you see?


That’s right! Peppermints!

Wait, you don’t see it? Look closer!

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When I saw this mess the only thing I could see were these cute little peppermints and became obsessed. I have several projects in mind for them, but I couldn’t wait to get started so here we go.

I chose a matte chocolate pearl that reminded me of cocoa, opaque white pearls that reminded me of marshmallows, and, of course, peppermint sprinkles on top! So. Appropriate.

IMG_20181213_220458 (2)

The first item on our itinerary is super simple, stacked on super simple and tied up in a super simple bow.

Step 1.

determine the size of your wrist. Properly. Unlike me. Mine is actually smaller than the template I chose, so all bracelets were made with a few extra beads added and removed for no reason. But hey, what’s life without struggles?

Step 2.

Select sturdy elastic that fits through your beads. Seems obvious, because it is, but never underestimate the rarity of common sense. I may or may not be speaking from experience.

IMG_20181213_220615 (2)

thread up all your beads, double checking around your wrist here and there.

Step 3.

Knot ’em and cut off the excess.

Pro Tip: elastic can be tricky to tie without slippage, but a simple overhand knot with both strands will take good care of you. You can get this nice and tight with a pair of needle nose pliers, and avoid cutting off the circulation of your fingers!  Huzzah! I also like to pull the knot inside one of the beads if it fits.



Step 4.

measure out a length of ribbon for the size of bow you want, but with some extra length to make it easier to tie a bow. This was about 7-8in. I chose this because of the cute frill and minty color, as well as the fact that the color reminds me of a mug I own. It’s elastic, but it doesn’t have to be. Non-elastic is better honestly because it is less likely to curl up, but sometimes you just have to work with what you got. Unless you are me, then that’s what you do ALL of the time! Once that is done, line up the ribbon over any exposed knots, and tie up a cute little bow. cut off any extra ribbon.


Now we are going to start in on some cute matching earrings. You can get ear wire hoops, but they are really just thin eye pins or stiff wire. you can make these using any of of the aforementioned wire products. I had hoops, so that’s what Imma show you.

Luckily, since I am a craft hoarder, I had some bugle beads that are the same color as my ribbon! I also used some 1cm white satin ribbon to match the opaque round beads of the bracelet, and, of course, more mints!!! Aaaahhhh!!! SO CUTE.


Step 1.

Stretch out the ear wire hoop to look like an eye pin, then work a bugle bead onto the pin. Push it all the way to the end and curve the pin back into a hoop. It is an option to leave straight while threading and then curve it, but then you risk cracking the beads if you curl it too much. Do whichever you feel the most comfortable with.


Step 2.

Thread those gosh darn adorable mints onto that gosh darn adorable earring.


Step 3.

Tie a stability knot in the middle of an easy-to-work-with length of ribbon, then tie a tiny bow. Mine is a bout 2cm wide. Trim any excess ribbon and singe the ends to clean up and put a stop to that fraying.

Pro Tip: you can do this with the bracelet ribbon also, I just waited to tell you since I don’t have a cool picture of fire for that one.


Step 4.

Thread your hoop through the stabilization knot in the back of your bow, then get some more sweet mints on this thang, and another bugle bead. Be sure to straiten the end of the hoop enough to get the second bugle bead on all the way.

Step 5.

Poke the pointed end through the eye end of the hoop, and make a loop (or another eye) with the pointed end.

Step 6.

Hook a fishhook earring wire to the new eye you just made. Double check that it is facing the right direction, so that when it dangles from your lovely ear it will be facing outward, and people can actually admire the bow you just put so much effort into!

Step 7.

Glue the back of the bow with clear liquid glue. this is general use Locktite. You are going to want to wait to do this step now, as opposed to earlier, so that it is easy to get onto your wire and adjust. THEN you can freeze it in time and space with miraculous sticky goo.


And here is my subconscious inspiration with the finished product! Yay!


I hope this gave you some ideas and helped you think about materials in a new light. If you look closely enough, you will find a gem in everything!

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